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Hiccups map with ALL locations and dragons.

High res image:

There is something strange and kind of wonderful about what they put into this. The detail in the drawings and swirls meant to be clouds and countles tiny little waves. And all his little notes… 

Big island. More exploration. 

Sheep. People. Thank you Hiccup for informing us about the sheep.  

Twirl. He called a whirlpool a twirl, ohmygodsoprecious. 

He feels the need to justify “Did not see much in this direction” in the patch that’s empty and thinks “strange fish" is important in the grand scheme of cartography. 

But it’s very…Hiccup. It’s someone slowly making their mark on the world by opening up the world one little drawing at a time and when you see it in detail, it makes him seem so real. Like a person, not a character. That’s so freakin’ neat. 

I like "Strange Rocks" and "Volcano still active", and then he draws it. It feels very much like an artist thing to do, because I frequently write down what I don’t like about my drawing as I’m drawing it. So Hiccup doing this, because he’s very meticulous he’d note things like that, it makes him feel like a real person.

So, much love for Dreamworks, putting little things like this in. And much love for Hiccup, for being a precious meticulous dork.

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